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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A dangerous person

There is a dangerous person at loose today; an international criminal who ought to be in the lists of interpol and other police agencies.

His offenses include: (1) stalking children, and enticing them with offers of gifts so that children do what he wants. (2) breaking and entering. (In the Philippines, there is a term for this kind of miscreant-- "akyat-bahay" since his favourite mode of entry is by chimney or window), (3) performing unnatural acts with animals, and (4) income tax evasion.

A description is in order: the suspect is male, elderly, and has a fetish for red and white. He is known to be obese, and sports white facial hair. He is an international traveler who is reputed to have visited every part of the world. He is known to have various assistants of short stature, and is thought to be, when not engaged in the above-mentioned criminal activities, engaged in the manufacture of various goods for worldwide distribution. Be warned that the suspect has many impersonators, and care must be taken to distinguish the original article from the copycats. Although active all year round, the peak of his activity occurs during the week of the winter solstice.

For parents: if you see the suspect or an impersonator, be sure to watch over your children. Contact the local police, and the authorities should take care of the rest.

Have a great Christmas.


Helen Mary Labao said...

hahahaha! funny. akala ko seryoso! my website just went down when i was about to comment about that helpful info about Gab. haha. thanks ulit.

Mike said...

Glad you liked it. It was occasioned by having "Santa Claus is coming to town" as my LSS. I've seen comments elsewhere about how scary he is, and thought of adding a little twist.(Concerned parent vs. Santa Claus) And why does he like having children on his lap? :-)