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Sunday, December 19, 2010


My Aunt left for England this afternoon, so this will be the first day we'll be spending the night without her help. I greatly appreciate what she has done for us; without her, we would have been quite lost. My mother's relatively rapid recovery is due to my Aunt's care; she also made sure that my Mom followed doctor's orders.

Starting tonight, there will be a lot of changes at home. I'll need to be at home by 7pm, so I'll be losing whatever nightlife (not a lot actually) I had. I'll also need to sleep near my mom, in case she needs something at night. We'll have to make sure that lights off will be by 9pm, to ensure that both of us will wake up early.

Our help will be here from 7am to around 7pm. Since it's Christmas break, I won't need to worry about having to be at home early, since I don't need to go out of the house except for bike rides for fitness, and shopping. I do need to go to school tomorrow to get some papers for marking, but no more than that. The next time I'll go to school will be after New Year's day.

My Mom has made a lot of progress. The therapist was pleasantly surprised that my Mom could stand on her own, and she can now walk with some help. We'll be buying a quad-cane (the kind with four legs) so that she'll have more practice walking. If all goes well, she should be able to do without it after a few months.

Although I know some of the principles of physical therapy, I know that a professional will still do better. The idea is easy enough; my Mom is training both her left brain and the right side of her body to work together. The neurons she lost due to the stroke have to be compensated for by other neurons in her brain. So therapy has to be done while she's awake so that her other neurons will form the needed connections.

My Mom will also need to make sure that she doesn't lose her flexibility and that her muscles stay balanced. Among the consequences of not having therapy is losing the ability to move her arms and fingers. There are stories of people who cannot stretch their arms; the arm keeps folding back in place because one set of muscles has grown much stronger compared to another set.

Lights off will be at around 10pm. I'll wake up early to get some work done.

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Helen Mary Labao said...

naku wow lotsa sacrificial love for you in the coming year eh? it's a good thing you're single. otherwise, you'd be so hard up with making time for this. hope your mom gets better. Merry Christmas!