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When not at work with students, I spend my time in my room either reading, calculating something using pen and paper, or using a computer. I read almost anything: from the pornographic to the profound, although my main interests are mathematics and physics. "When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes." -Erasmus

Friday, November 4, 2011

All Saints Day

Although I was planning to spend the day at home on November 1, I ended up visiting Daranak falls with my brothers and their families. A visit to google maps and a keyword search for "Daranak Falls" should provide you with directions. To show how lovely it was, I took a photograph using my phone:

I've been to Hinulugang Taktak (another waterfall in Rizal) and was struck by how polluted the water there was. The water was bubbly with detergent, and there was a lot of litter lying around. Not so here. The water was clean, and even though I had no plans to go swimming, the water looked so inviting that I borrowed a pair of shorts from my brother so that I could swim as well. To show how clean the water was, I took this photo downstream:
The entrance fee was reasonable (my understatement of the day) : PhP 20 or about 0.50 USD. We were able to get one of the picnic huts for PhP 200. Although there was a store there, it's better to bring your own food since the choices are limited. But it was alright since a more extensive store would also be accompanied by litter. Since we went there on All Saints Day, when most people are found at memorial parks visiting their dead, I can't gauge how crowded it would have been on other holidays. 

Ironically, my younger brother (the one who organized the trip) got sick on the day itself. Although he was able to drive us there, he spent most of the time asleep, and wasn't able to swim at all. He did, however, walk around and take a few photos of his own. His wife was the one who drove us to Dimple Star terminal to pick up some stuff my father sent us. After that, I switched cars, and my youngest brother drove me home.

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