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Friday, March 16, 2012

Coffee without hassle

While having a latte at Starbucks yesterday, I chanced upon the following single-cup cone for making coffee:
Although it cost me PhP 195, it's good to have because using it is a lot cheaper than going to Starbucks. (I estimate a per mug cost of PhP 10-20 compared to PhP 90 at Starbucks.) You just put in a paper filter and ground coffee,  pour hot water, and end with a cup of brewed coffee. Before I bought this, if I needed a quick coffee fix at work, I had to make do with instant coffee or use a coffee press.

Using a coffee press is easy; you put in coffee and hot water, wait a bit, and then push down the filter. However, my biggest difficulty with the coffee press was cleaning it after use. To get rid of the coffee grounds at the bottom of the coffee press, you need to use a spoon and a fine wire filter just so the coffee grounds do not go into the sink and cause clogging of the drain.

Because of the difficulty in cleaning the coffee press, I gave up on it (except for special occasions) because it took too much effort. With this one though, the paper filter made disposing of the used coffee grounds easy. All you need to do was just pull out the used filter and throw it into the trash. Finally, I can now have good coffee without hassle.

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