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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Foot in mouth disease

One of the nice things about internet access is the availability of news from all over the world. Twitter,  facebook, and google makes the news just a hyperlink away. My breakfast habit is to read the news starting with the New York Times and the Philippine Daily Inquirer, and then doing a search if I find a particular topic interesting. Other news I get from links suggested by friends on facebook: sometimes Al Jazeera or Rappler.

One of the spectator sports that I engage in is America$^{[1]}$ watching, mostly because of how much what happens there can affect everywhere else. The current hullabaloo though is the presidential campaign, and along with it, the debates.

Although I didn't watch the debate, I've read about it in the New York Times. From what I've read, the first one went to Romney (since it put the columnists in the NY Times on the defensive), but the second one was a sudden reversal because of Romney's unhappy use of "binders full of women". This link goes to just one sample of all the articles talking about it, and a google search using the Romney's phrase as keywords ought to be able to give you a deluge.

Immediately after the debate, someone created a tumblr  for it, while other people put up lot of facebook pages labeled "binders full of women", as well as a lot of internet memes. I confess that the first image that  came to mind was a mouldy porn collection hidden in Bain Capital's filing system, and then it went downhill from there. I guess this is just another example of foot-in-mouth disease, and also one for the adage "Be careful what you say because your words can hurt you", especially so when you're a politician.

$^{[1]}$  Read as the United States--- I know, I know, Canada and Mexico are also part of North America, and don't even get started on South America!

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