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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Changing desserts

I updated my Galaxy Tab's operating system from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean yesterday. It was a largish download, around 300 MB. I've been using it and I'm amazed at how smooth it feels. I've read good things about Jelly Bean, and so I ran Antutu's benchmark test just to make sure that there are numbers to actually back up my rough impressions.

On the left, I have the Antutu scores after the Jelly Bean update, while on the right, I have the Antutu scores for the same tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich. The numbers pretty much tell the story: Jelly Bean does a better job at handling both 2D and 3D graphics.

One of the nice things from having ROM Manager is that the update didn't wipe out my root access. ROM manager prompted me if I wanted to retain root access, and I chose to keep root.

I did have to adjust to a few things: the Samsung team decided to eliminate the screenshot icon at the bottom, which is a good move, (I sometimes take unintended screenshots when I mean to press the home icon) but it also means that getting a screenshot isn't as easy as it was. I had to go back to pressing power and the down volume simultaneously to get the screenshots above.

The location of the notifications and settings are now on top, and the app drawer was moved to the bottom of the screen. You have to play around with it at first to get used to the new locations. But these small changes should be easy to adjust to.

All in all, it looks like Samsung's development team did a good job preparing and delivering the update.

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